AmCham Update Q2: “Harmonizing Perspectives: Uniting American Business through Committee Engagement”

Message from the Chief Executive Officer - Cara Nazari

Welcome to the latest edition of the AmCham Update Newsletter! It's hard to believe that Q2 has passed by so quickly! AmCham Dubai has been hard at work cultivating our committees and building relationships between the private and public sectors. 

Our mission of breaking barriers with one voice of American business remains at the forefront of our efforts. One of the ways we have been keeping our membership informed is through our quarterly sessions of "Discover How AmCham Dubai Is Working For You." These sessions have been incredibly successful in providing committee updates, highlighting COP28 engagement opportunities, and offering valuable networking opportunities.

AmCham Dubai Q2 Updates


We believe that by keeping our members informed and connected, we can better serve the American business community in Dubai.

Speaking of international engagement, I recently had the opportunity to attend the World Chambers Congress in Geneva, Switzerland. With the theme of "Achieving peace and prosperity through multilateralism," this event is held every two years and brings together people from all over the world to address common challenges that shape both chamber and business activities. The congress provides an inclusive and constantly evolving format that creates the ideal environment for doing business and networking.

At AmCham Dubai, we understand the importance of global collaboration and the value it brings to our members. By participating in events like the World Chambers Congress, we are able to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in chamber and business activities. This knowledge ultimately allows us to better serve our members and advocate for their interests.