American Brands Forum





AmCham Dubai formed The American Brands Forum with the objective of boosting collaboration between American brands and be the concerted voice of American business in the UAE.


Committee Objectives

Address common issues related to: 

  • Intellectual property rights and enforcement, such as counterfeiting, piracy, and illegitimate trade.
  • Develop and coordinate efforts with law enforcement agencies on lobbying engagements, and advocacy campaigns.
  • Strategically conduct capacity building and training programs.

IPR Cover

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301 Report

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About the forum

The forum shall be governed by its bylaws, which are subject to the laws of Dubai and the UAE. The forum is an AmCham Dubai committee, and shall comply with the US trade and industry standards. Members who for any reason decide to leave the forum shall have no claim to any of the forum’s assets. Members will be in communication via monthly virtual calls and quarterly meetings will be planned.

Membership is free for AmCham Dubai members and other interested parties may inquire to